Specification: 2008 Audi A3 2.0 FSi Attraction Automatic

Catalog number (Audi) 96CK.

Catalog code is a 2-7 digit alphanumeric code. Definite car model and its specifications are attached to each code.


Full specifications: 2008 Audi A3 2.0 FSi Attraction...

Year 2008 Stroke (mm) n/a
Fuel type Gasoline Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (s) 9,1
Body type Hatchback Top speed: (km/h) 206
Transmission type Automatic Doors 3
Engine Position Front Seats 5
Engine type Inline Curb weight (kg) 1350
Traction Front Length (mm) 4220
Displacement (cc) 1984 Height (mm) 1770
Cylinders 4 Width (mm) 1430
Horsepower net (hp) 150 Wheelbase (mm) 2580
Redline (rpm) 6000 Consumption Combined (L/100 km) 6,9
Maximum Power (rpm) 3500 Consumption city (L/100 km) n/a
Torque net (Nm) 200 Consumption highway (L/100 km) n/a
Cylinder Bore (mm) n/a Fuel tank (L) 55
Valves n/a
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 2008
  • Capacity (cc): 1984 cc
  • Catalog number: 96CK
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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96CKSW  96CKSX  96CKSH  96CKSE  96CKSY  96CKS0  96CKS2  96CKSM  96CKSO  96CKS3  96CKSK  96CKSU  96CKSB  96CKSV  96CKSD  96CKSL  96CKSJ  96CKSG  96CKS4  96CKSS  96CKS9  96CKSZ  96CKSA  96CKSF  96CKS5  96CKSR  96CKSQ  96CKS6  96CKSI  96CKSC  96CKST  96CKS8  96CKS1  96CKS7  96CKSP  96CKSN 
96CK9W  96CK9X  96CK9H  96CK9E  96CK9Y  96CK90  96CK92  96CK9M  96CK9O  96CK93  96CK9K  96CK9U  96CK9B  96CK9V  96CK9D  96CK9L  96CK9J  96CK9G  96CK94  96CK9S  96CK99  96CK9Z  96CK9A  96CK9F  96CK95  96CK9R  96CK9Q  96CK96  96CK9I  96CK9C  96CK9T  96CK98  96CK91  96CK97  96CK9P  96CK9N 
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96CKQW  96CKQX  96CKQH  96CKQE  96CKQY  96CKQ0  96CKQ2  96CKQM  96CKQO  96CKQ3  96CKQK  96CKQU  96CKQB  96CKQV  96CKQD  96CKQL  96CKQJ  96CKQG  96CKQ4  96CKQS  96CKQ9  96CKQZ  96CKQA  96CKQF  96CKQ5  96CKQR  96CKQQ  96CKQ6  96CKQI  96CKQC  96CKQT  96CKQ8  96CKQ1  96CKQ7  96CKQP  96CKQN 
96CK6W  96CK6X  96CK6H  96CK6E  96CK6Y  96CK60  96CK62  96CK6M  96CK6O  96CK63  96CK6K  96CK6U  96CK6B  96CK6V  96CK6D  96CK6L  96CK6J  96CK6G  96CK64  96CK6S  96CK69  96CK6Z  96CK6A  96CK6F  96CK65  96CK6R  96CK6Q  96CK66  96CK6I  96CK6C  96CK6T  96CK68  96CK61  96CK67  96CK6P  96CK6N 
96CKIW  96CKIX  96CKIH  96CKIE  96CKIY  96CKI0  96CKI2  96CKIM  96CKIO  96CKI3  96CKIK  96CKIU  96CKIB  96CKIV  96CKID  96CKIL  96CKIJ  96CKIG  96CKI4  96CKIS  96CKI9  96CKIZ  96CKIA  96CKIF  96CKI5  96CKIR  96CKIQ  96CKI6  96CKII  96CKIC  96CKIT  96CKI8  96CKI1  96CKI7  96CKIP  96CKIN 
96CKCW  96CKCX  96CKCH  96CKCE  96CKCY  96CKC0  96CKC2  96CKCM  96CKCO  96CKC3  96CKCK  96CKCU  96CKCB  96CKCV  96CKCD  96CKCL  96CKCJ  96CKCG  96CKC4  96CKCS  96CKC9  96CKCZ  96CKCA  96CKCF  96CKC5  96CKCR  96CKCQ  96CKC6  96CKCI  96CKCC  96CKCT  96CKC8  96CKC1  96CKC7  96CKCP  96CKCN 
96CKTW  96CKTX  96CKTH  96CKTE  96CKTY  96CKT0  96CKT2  96CKTM  96CKTO  96CKT3  96CKTK  96CKTU  96CKTB  96CKTV  96CKTD  96CKTL  96CKTJ  96CKTG  96CKT4  96CKTS  96CKT9  96CKTZ  96CKTA  96CKTF  96CKT5  96CKTR  96CKTQ  96CKT6  96CKTI  96CKTC  96CKTT  96CKT8  96CKT1  96CKT7  96CKTP  96CKTN 
96CK8W  96CK8X  96CK8H  96CK8E  96CK8Y  96CK80  96CK82  96CK8M  96CK8O  96CK83  96CK8K  96CK8U  96CK8B  96CK8V  96CK8D  96CK8L  96CK8J  96CK8G  96CK84  96CK8S  96CK89  96CK8Z  96CK8A  96CK8F  96CK85  96CK8R  96CK8Q  96CK86  96CK8I  96CK8C  96CK8T  96CK88  96CK81  96CK87  96CK8P  96CK8N 
96CK1W  96CK1X  96CK1H  96CK1E  96CK1Y  96CK10  96CK12  96CK1M  96CK1O  96CK13  96CK1K  96CK1U  96CK1B  96CK1V  96CK1D  96CK1L  96CK1J  96CK1G  96CK14  96CK1S  96CK19  96CK1Z  96CK1A  96CK1F  96CK15  96CK1R  96CK1Q  96CK16  96CK1I  96CK1C  96CK1T  96CK18  96CK11  96CK17  96CK1P  96CK1N 
96CK7W  96CK7X  96CK7H  96CK7E  96CK7Y  96CK70  96CK72  96CK7M  96CK7O  96CK73  96CK7K  96CK7U  96CK7B  96CK7V  96CK7D  96CK7L  96CK7J  96CK7G  96CK74  96CK7S  96CK79  96CK7Z  96CK7A  96CK7F  96CK75  96CK7R  96CK7Q  96CK76  96CK7I  96CK7C  96CK7T  96CK78  96CK71  96CK77  96CK7P  96CK7N 
96CKPW  96CKPX  96CKPH  96CKPE  96CKPY  96CKP0  96CKP2  96CKPM  96CKPO  96CKP3  96CKPK  96CKPU  96CKPB  96CKPV  96CKPD  96CKPL  96CKPJ  96CKPG  96CKP4  96CKPS  96CKP9  96CKPZ  96CKPA  96CKPF  96CKP5  96CKPR  96CKPQ  96CKP6  96CKPI  96CKPC  96CKPT  96CKP8  96CKP1  96CKP7  96CKPP  96CKPN 
96CKNW  96CKNX  96CKNH  96CKNE  96CKNY  96CKN0  96CKN2  96CKNM  96CKNO  96CKN3  96CKNK  96CKNU  96CKNB  96CKNV  96CKND  96CKNL  96CKNJ  96CKNG  96CKN4  96CKNS  96CKN9  96CKNZ  96CKNA  96CKNF  96CKN5  96CKNR  96CKNQ  96CKN6  96CKNI  96CKNC  96CKNT  96CKN8  96CKN1  96CKN7  96CKNP  96CKNN 
96C KWW  96C KWX  96C KWH  96C KWE  96C KWY  96C KW0  96C KW2  96C KWM  96C KWO  96C KW3  96C KWK  96C KWU  96C KWB  96C KWV  96C KWD  96C KWL  96C KWJ  96C KWG  96C KW4  96C KWS  96C KW9  96C KWZ  96C KWA  96C KWF  96C KW5  96C KWR  96C KWQ  96C KW6  96C KWI  96C KWC  96C KWT  96C KW8  96C KW1  96C KW7  96C KWP  96C KWN 
96C KXW  96C KXX  96C KXH  96C KXE  96C KXY  96C KX0  96C KX2  96C KXM  96C KXO  96C KX3  96C KXK  96C KXU  96C KXB  96C KXV  96C KXD  96C KXL  96C KXJ  96C KXG  96C KX4  96C KXS  96C KX9  96C KXZ  96C KXA  96C KXF  96C KX5  96C KXR  96C KXQ  96C KX6  96C KXI  96C KXC  96C KXT  96C KX8  96C KX1  96C KX7  96C KXP  96C KXN 
96C KHW  96C KHX  96C KHH  96C KHE  96C KHY  96C KH0  96C KH2  96C KHM  96C KHO  96C KH3  96C KHK  96C KHU  96C KHB  96C KHV  96C KHD  96C KHL  96C KHJ  96C KHG  96C KH4  96C KHS  96C KH9  96C KHZ  96C KHA  96C KHF  96C KH5  96C KHR  96C KHQ  96C KH6  96C KHI  96C KHC  96C KHT  96C KH8  96C KH1  96C KH7  96C KHP  96C KHN 
96C KEW  96C KEX  96C KEH  96C KEE  96C KEY  96C KE0  96C KE2  96C KEM  96C KEO  96C KE3  96C KEK  96C KEU  96C KEB  96C KEV  96C KED  96C KEL  96C KEJ  96C KEG  96C KE4  96C KES  96C KE9  96C KEZ  96C KEA  96C KEF  96C KE5  96C KER  96C KEQ  96C KE6  96C KEI  96C KEC  96C KET  96C KE8  96C KE1  96C KE7  96C KEP  96C KEN 
96C KYW  96C KYX  96C KYH  96C KYE  96C KYY  96C KY0  96C KY2  96C KYM  96C KYO  96C KY3  96C KYK  96C KYU  96C KYB  96C KYV  96C KYD  96C KYL  96C KYJ  96C KYG  96C KY4  96C KYS  96C KY9  96C KYZ  96C KYA  96C KYF  96C KY5  96C KYR  96C KYQ  96C KY6  96C KYI  96C KYC  96C KYT  96C KY8  96C KY1  96C KY7  96C KYP  96C KYN 
96C K0W  96C K0X  96C K0H  96C K0E  96C K0Y  96C K00  96C K02  96C K0M  96C K0O  96C K03  96C K0K  96C K0U  96C K0B  96C K0V  96C K0D  96C K0L  96C K0J  96C K0G  96C K04  96C K0S  96C K09  96C K0Z  96C K0A  96C K0F  96C K05  96C K0R  96C K0Q  96C K06  96C K0I  96C K0C  96C K0T  96C K08  96C K01  96C K07  96C K0P  96C K0N 
96C K2W  96C K2X  96C K2H  96C K2E  96C K2Y  96C K20  96C K22  96C K2M  96C K2O  96C K23  96C K2K  96C K2U  96C K2B  96C K2V  96C K2D  96C K2L  96C K2J  96C K2G  96C K24  96C K2S  96C K29  96C K2Z  96C K2A  96C K2F  96C K25  96C K2R  96C K2Q  96C K26  96C K2I  96C K2C  96C K2T  96C K28  96C K21  96C K27  96C K2P  96C K2N 
96C KMW  96C KMX  96C KMH  96C KME  96C KMY  96C KM0  96C KM2  96C KMM  96C KMO  96C KM3  96C KMK  96C KMU  96C KMB  96C KMV  96C KMD  96C KML  96C KMJ  96C KMG  96C KM4  96C KMS  96C KM9  96C KMZ  96C KMA  96C KMF  96C KM5  96C KMR  96C KMQ  96C KM6  96C KMI  96C KMC  96C KMT  96C KM8  96C KM1  96C KM7  96C KMP  96C KMN 
96C KOW  96C KOX  96C KOH  96C KOE  96C KOY  96C KO0  96C KO2  96C KOM  96C KOO  96C KO3  96C KOK  96C KOU  96C KOB  96C KOV  96C KOD  96C KOL  96C KOJ  96C KOG  96C KO4  96C KOS  96C KO9  96C KOZ  96C KOA  96C KOF  96C KO5  96C KOR  96C KOQ  96C KO6  96C KOI  96C KOC  96C KOT  96C KO8  96C KO1  96C KO7  96C KOP  96C KON 
96C K3W  96C K3X  96C K3H  96C K3E  96C K3Y  96C K30  96C K32  96C K3M  96C K3O  96C K33  96C K3K  96C K3U  96C K3B  96C K3V  96C K3D  96C K3L  96C K3J  96C K3G  96C K34  96C K3S  96C K39  96C K3Z  96C K3A  96C K3F  96C K35  96C K3R  96C K3Q  96C K36  96C K3I  96C K3C  96C K3T  96C K38  96C K31  96C K37  96C K3P  96C K3N 
96C KKW  96C KKX  96C KKH  96C KKE  96C KKY  96C KK0  96C KK2  96C KKM  96C KKO  96C KK3  96C KKK  96C KKU  96C KKB  96C KKV  96C KKD  96C KKL  96C KKJ  96C KKG  96C KK4  96C KKS  96C KK9  96C KKZ  96C KKA  96C KKF  96C KK5  96C KKR  96C KKQ  96C KK6  96C KKI  96C KKC  96C KKT  96C KK8  96C KK1  96C KK7  96C KKP  96C KKN 
96C KUW  96C KUX  96C KUH  96C KUE  96C KUY  96C KU0  96C KU2  96C KUM  96C KUO  96C KU3  96C KUK  96C KUU  96C KUB  96C KUV  96C KUD  96C KUL  96C KUJ  96C KUG  96C KU4  96C KUS  96C KU9  96C KUZ  96C KUA  96C KUF  96C KU5  96C KUR  96C KUQ  96C KU6  96C KUI  96C KUC  96C KUT  96C KU8  96C KU1  96C KU7  96C KUP  96C KUN 
96C KBW  96C KBX  96C KBH  96C KBE  96C KBY  96C KB0  96C KB2  96C KBM  96C KBO  96C KB3  96C KBK  96C KBU  96C KBB  96C KBV  96C KBD  96C KBL  96C KBJ  96C KBG  96C KB4  96C KBS  96C KB9  96C KBZ  96C KBA  96C KBF  96C KB5  96C KBR  96C KBQ  96C KB6  96C KBI  96C KBC  96C KBT  96C KB8  96C KB1  96C KB7  96C KBP  96C KBN 
96C KVW  96C KVX  96C KVH  96C KVE  96C KVY  96C KV0  96C KV2  96C KVM  96C KVO  96C KV3  96C KVK  96C KVU  96C KVB  96C KVV  96C KVD  96C KVL  96C KVJ  96C KVG  96C KV4  96C KVS  96C KV9  96C KVZ  96C KVA  96C KVF  96C KV5  96C KVR  96C KVQ  96C KV6  96C KVI  96C KVC  96C KVT  96C KV8  96C KV1  96C KV7  96C KVP  96C KVN 
96C KDW  96C KDX  96C KDH  96C KDE  96C KDY  96C KD0  96C KD2  96C KDM  96C KDO  96C KD3  96C KDK  96C KDU  96C KDB  96C KDV  96C KDD  96C KDL  96C KDJ  96C KDG  96C KD4  96C KDS  96C KD9  96C KDZ  96C KDA  96C KDF  96C KD5  96C KDR  96C KDQ  96C KD6  96C KDI  96C KDC  96C KDT  96C KD8  96C KD1  96C KD7  96C KDP  96C KDN 
96C KLW  96C KLX  96C KLH  96C KLE  96C KLY  96C KL0  96C KL2  96C KLM  96C KLO  96C KL3  96C KLK  96C KLU  96C KLB  96C KLV  96C KLD  96C KLL  96C KLJ  96C KLG  96C KL4  96C KLS  96C KL9  96C KLZ  96C KLA  96C KLF  96C KL5  96C KLR  96C KLQ  96C KL6  96C KLI  96C KLC  96C KLT  96C KL8  96C KL1  96C KL7  96C KLP  96C KLN 
96C KJW  96C KJX  96C KJH  96C KJE  96C KJY  96C KJ0  96C KJ2  96C KJM  96C KJO  96C KJ3  96C KJK  96C KJU  96C KJB  96C KJV  96C KJD  96C KJL  96C KJJ  96C KJG  96C KJ4  96C KJS  96C KJ9  96C KJZ  96C KJA  96C KJF  96C KJ5  96C KJR  96C KJQ  96C KJ6  96C KJI  96C KJC  96C KJT  96C KJ8  96C KJ1  96C KJ7  96C KJP  96C KJN 
96C KGW  96C KGX  96C KGH  96C KGE  96C KGY  96C KG0  96C KG2  96C KGM  96C KGO  96C KG3  96C KGK  96C KGU  96C KGB  96C KGV  96C KGD  96C KGL  96C KGJ  96C KGG  96C KG4  96C KGS  96C KG9  96C KGZ  96C KGA  96C KGF  96C KG5  96C KGR  96C KGQ  96C KG6  96C KGI  96C KGC  96C KGT  96C KG8  96C KG1  96C KG7  96C KGP  96C KGN 
96C K4W  96C K4X  96C K4H  96C K4E  96C K4Y  96C K40  96C K42  96C K4M  96C K4O  96C K43  96C K4K  96C K4U  96C K4B  96C K4V  96C K4D  96C K4L  96C K4J  96C K4G  96C K44  96C K4S  96C K49  96C K4Z  96C K4A  96C K4F  96C K45  96C K4R  96C K4Q  96C K46  96C K4I  96C K4C  96C K4T  96C K48  96C K41  96C K47  96C K4P  96C K4N 
96C KSW  96C KSX  96C KSH  96C KSE  96C KSY  96C KS0  96C KS2  96C KSM  96C KSO  96C KS3  96C KSK  96C KSU  96C KSB  96C KSV  96C KSD  96C KSL  96C KSJ  96C KSG  96C KS4  96C KSS  96C KS9  96C KSZ  96C KSA  96C KSF  96C KS5  96C KSR  96C KSQ  96C KS6  96C KSI  96C KSC  96C KST  96C KS8  96C KS1  96C KS7  96C KSP  96C KSN 
96C K9W  96C K9X  96C K9H  96C K9E  96C K9Y  96C K90  96C K92  96C K9M  96C K9O  96C K93  96C K9K  96C K9U  96C K9B  96C K9V  96C K9D  96C K9L  96C K9J  96C K9G  96C K94  96C K9S  96C K99  96C K9Z  96C K9A  96C K9F  96C K95  96C K9R  96C K9Q  96C K96  96C K9I  96C K9C  96C K9T  96C K98  96C K91  96C K97  96C K9P  96C K9N 
96C KZW  96C KZX  96C KZH  96C KZE  96C KZY  96C KZ0  96C KZ2  96C KZM  96C KZO  96C KZ3  96C KZK  96C KZU  96C KZB  96C KZV  96C KZD  96C KZL  96C KZJ  96C KZG  96C KZ4  96C KZS  96C KZ9  96C KZZ  96C KZA  96C KZF  96C KZ5  96C KZR  96C KZQ  96C KZ6  96C KZI  96C KZC  96C KZT  96C KZ8  96C KZ1  96C KZ7  96C KZP  96C KZN 
96C KAW  96C KAX  96C KAH  96C KAE  96C KAY  96C KA0  96C KA2  96C KAM  96C KAO  96C KA3  96C KAK  96C KAU  96C KAB  96C KAV  96C KAD  96C KAL  96C KAJ  96C KAG  96C KA4  96C KAS  96C KA9  96C KAZ  96C KAA  96C KAF  96C KA5  96C KAR  96C KAQ  96C KA6  96C KAI  96C KAC  96C KAT  96C KA8  96C KA1  96C KA7  96C KAP  96C KAN 
96C KFW  96C KFX  96C KFH  96C KFE  96C KFY  96C KF0  96C KF2  96C KFM  96C KFO  96C KF3  96C KFK  96C KFU  96C KFB  96C KFV  96C KFD  96C KFL  96C KFJ  96C KFG  96C KF4  96C KFS  96C KF9  96C KFZ  96C KFA  96C KFF  96C KF5  96C KFR  96C KFQ  96C KF6  96C KFI  96C KFC  96C KFT  96C KF8  96C KF1  96C KF7  96C KFP  96C KFN 
96C K5W  96C K5X  96C K5H  96C K5E  96C K5Y  96C K50  96C K52  96C K5M  96C K5O  96C K53  96C K5K  96C K5U  96C K5B  96C K5V  96C K5D  96C K5L  96C K5J  96C K5G  96C K54  96C K5S  96C K59  96C K5Z  96C K5A  96C K5F  96C K55  96C K5R  96C K5Q  96C K56  96C K5I  96C K5C  96C K5T  96C K58  96C K51  96C K57  96C K5P  96C K5N 
96C KRW  96C KRX  96C KRH  96C KRE  96C KRY  96C KR0  96C KR2  96C KRM  96C KRO  96C KR3  96C KRK  96C KRU  96C KRB  96C KRV  96C KRD  96C KRL  96C KRJ  96C KRG  96C KR4  96C KRS  96C KR9  96C KRZ  96C KRA  96C KRF  96C KR5  96C KRR  96C KRQ  96C KR6  96C KRI  96C KRC  96C KRT  96C KR8  96C KR1  96C KR7  96C KRP  96C KRN 
96C KQW  96C KQX  96C KQH  96C KQE  96C KQY  96C KQ0  96C KQ2  96C KQM  96C KQO  96C KQ3  96C KQK  96C KQU  96C KQB  96C KQV  96C KQD  96C KQL  96C KQJ  96C KQG  96C KQ4  96C KQS  96C KQ9  96C KQZ  96C KQA  96C KQF  96C KQ5  96C KQR  96C KQQ  96C KQ6  96C KQI  96C KQC  96C KQT  96C KQ8  96C KQ1  96C KQ7  96C KQP  96C KQN 
96C K6W  96C K6X  96C K6H  96C K6E  96C K6Y  96C K60  96C K62  96C K6M  96C K6O  96C K63  96C K6K  96C K6U  96C K6B  96C K6V  96C K6D  96C K6L  96C K6J  96C K6G  96C K64  96C K6S  96C K69  96C K6Z  96C K6A  96C K6F  96C K65  96C K6R  96C K6Q  96C K66  96C K6I  96C K6C  96C K6T  96C K68  96C K61  96C K67  96C K6P  96C K6N 
96C KIW  96C KIX  96C KIH  96C KIE  96C KIY  96C KI0  96C KI2  96C KIM  96C KIO  96C KI3  96C KIK  96C KIU  96C KIB  96C KIV  96C KID  96C KIL  96C KIJ  96C KIG  96C KI4  96C KIS  96C KI9  96C KIZ  96C KIA  96C KIF  96C KI5  96C KIR  96C KIQ  96C KI6  96C KII  96C KIC  96C KIT  96C KI8  96C KI1  96C KI7  96C KIP  96C KIN 
96C KCW  96C KCX  96C KCH  96C KCE  96C KCY  96C KC0  96C KC2  96C KCM  96C KCO  96C KC3  96C KCK  96C KCU  96C KCB  96C KCV  96C KCD  96C KCL  96C KCJ  96C KCG  96C KC4  96C KCS  96C KC9  96C KCZ  96C KCA  96C KCF  96C KC5  96C KCR  96C KCQ  96C KC6  96C KCI  96C KCC  96C KCT  96C KC8  96C KC1  96C KC7  96C KCP  96C KCN 
96C KTW  96C KTX  96C KTH  96C KTE  96C KTY  96C KT0  96C KT2  96C KTM  96C KTO  96C KT3  96C KTK  96C KTU  96C KTB  96C KTV  96C KTD  96C KTL  96C KTJ  96C KTG  96C KT4  96C KTS  96C KT9  96C KTZ  96C KTA  96C KTF  96C KT5  96C KTR  96C KTQ  96C KT6  96C KTI  96C KTC  96C KTT  96C KT8  96C KT1  96C KT7  96C KTP  96C KTN 
96C K8W  96C K8X  96C K8H  96C K8E  96C K8Y  96C K80  96C K82  96C K8M  96C K8O  96C K83  96C K8K  96C K8U  96C K8B  96C K8V  96C K8D  96C K8L  96C K8J  96C K8G  96C K84  96C K8S  96C K89  96C K8Z  96C K8A  96C K8F  96C K85  96C K8R  96C K8Q  96C K86  96C K8I  96C K8C  96C K8T  96C K88  96C K81  96C K87  96C K8P  96C K8N 
96C K1W  96C K1X  96C K1H  96C K1E  96C K1Y  96C K10  96C K12  96C K1M  96C K1O  96C K13  96C K1K  96C K1U  96C K1B  96C K1V  96C K1D  96C K1L  96C K1J  96C K1G  96C K14  96C K1S  96C K19  96C K1Z  96C K1A  96C K1F  96C K15  96C K1R  96C K1Q  96C K16  96C K1I  96C K1C  96C K1T  96C K18  96C K11  96C K17  96C K1P  96C K1N 
96C K7W  96C K7X  96C K7H  96C K7E  96C K7Y  96C K70  96C K72  96C K7M  96C K7O  96C K73  96C K7K  96C K7U  96C K7B  96C K7V  96C K7D  96C K7L  96C K7J  96C K7G  96C K74  96C K7S  96C K79  96C K7Z  96C K7A  96C K7F  96C K75  96C K7R  96C K7Q  96C K76  96C K7I  96C K7C  96C K7T  96C K78  96C K71  96C K77  96C K7P  96C K7N 
96C KPW  96C KPX  96C KPH  96C KPE  96C KPY  96C KP0  96C KP2  96C KPM  96C KPO  96C KP3  96C KPK  96C KPU  96C KPB  96C KPV  96C KPD  96C KPL  96C KPJ  96C KPG  96C KP4  96C KPS  96C KP9  96C KPZ  96C KPA  96C KPF  96C KP5  96C KPR  96C KPQ  96C KP6  96C KPI  96C KPC  96C KPT  96C KP8  96C KP1  96C KP7  96C KPP  96C KPN 
96C KNW  96C KNX  96C KNH  96C KNE  96C KNY  96C KN0  96C KN2  96C KNM  96C KNO  96C KN3  96C KNK  96C KNU  96C KNB  96C KNV  96C KND  96C KNL  96C KNJ  96C KNG  96C KN4  96C KNS  96C KN9  96C KNZ  96C KNA  96C KNF  96C KN5  96C KNR  96C KNQ  96C KN6  96C KNI  96C KNC  96C KNT  96C KN8  96C KN1  96C KN7  96C KNP  96C KNN 
96C-KWW  96C-KWX  96C-KWH  96C-KWE  96C-KWY  96C-KW0  96C-KW2  96C-KWM  96C-KWO  96C-KW3  96C-KWK  96C-KWU  96C-KWB  96C-KWV  96C-KWD  96C-KWL  96C-KWJ  96C-KWG  96C-KW4  96C-KWS  96C-KW9  96C-KWZ  96C-KWA  96C-KWF  96C-KW5  96C-KWR  96C-KWQ  96C-KW6  96C-KWI  96C-KWC  96C-KWT  96C-KW8  96C-KW1  96C-KW7  96C-KWP  96C-KWN 
96C-KXW  96C-KXX  96C-KXH  96C-KXE  96C-KXY  96C-KX0  96C-KX2  96C-KXM  96C-KXO  96C-KX3  96C-KXK  96C-KXU  96C-KXB  96C-KXV  96C-KXD  96C-KXL  96C-KXJ  96C-KXG  96C-KX4  96C-KXS  96C-KX9  96C-KXZ  96C-KXA  96C-KXF  96C-KX5  96C-KXR  96C-KXQ  96C-KX6  96C-KXI  96C-KXC  96C-KXT  96C-KX8  96C-KX1  96C-KX7  96C-KXP  96C-KXN 
96C-KHW  96C-KHX  96C-KHH  96C-KHE  96C-KHY  96C-KH0  96C-KH2  96C-KHM  96C-KHO  96C-KH3  96C-KHK  96C-KHU  96C-KHB  96C-KHV  96C-KHD  96C-KHL  96C-KHJ  96C-KHG  96C-KH4  96C-KHS  96C-KH9  96C-KHZ  96C-KHA  96C-KHF  96C-KH5  96C-KHR  96C-KHQ  96C-KH6  96C-KHI  96C-KHC  96C-KHT  96C-KH8  96C-KH1  96C-KH7  96C-KHP  96C-KHN 
96C-KEW  96C-KEX  96C-KEH  96C-KEE  96C-KEY  96C-KE0  96C-KE2  96C-KEM  96C-KEO  96C-KE3  96C-KEK  96C-KEU  96C-KEB  96C-KEV  96C-KED  96C-KEL  96C-KEJ  96C-KEG  96C-KE4  96C-KES  96C-KE9  96C-KEZ  96C-KEA  96C-KEF  96C-KE5  96C-KER  96C-KEQ  96C-KE6  96C-KEI  96C-KEC  96C-KET  96C-KE8  96C-KE1  96C-KE7  96C-KEP  96C-KEN 
96C-KYW  96C-KYX  96C-KYH  96C-KYE  96C-KYY  96C-KY0  96C-KY2  96C-KYM  96C-KYO  96C-KY3  96C-KYK  96C-KYU  96C-KYB  96C-KYV  96C-KYD  96C-KYL  96C-KYJ  96C-KYG  96C-KY4  96C-KYS  96C-KY9  96C-KYZ  96C-KYA  96C-KYF  96C-KY5  96C-KYR  96C-KYQ  96C-KY6  96C-KYI  96C-KYC  96C-KYT  96C-KY8  96C-KY1  96C-KY7  96C-KYP  96C-KYN 
96C-K0W  96C-K0X  96C-K0H  96C-K0E  96C-K0Y  96C-K00  96C-K02  96C-K0M  96C-K0O  96C-K03  96C-K0K  96C-K0U  96C-K0B  96C-K0V  96C-K0D  96C-K0L  96C-K0J  96C-K0G  96C-K04  96C-K0S  96C-K09  96C-K0Z  96C-K0A  96C-K0F  96C-K05  96C-K0R  96C-K0Q  96C-K06  96C-K0I  96C-K0C  96C-K0T  96C-K08  96C-K01  96C-K07  96C-K0P  96C-K0N 
96C-K2W  96C-K2X  96C-K2H  96C-K2E  96C-K2Y  96C-K20  96C-K22  96C-K2M  96C-K2O  96C-K23  96C-K2K  96C-K2U  96C-K2B  96C-K2V  96C-K2D  96C-K2L  96C-K2J  96C-K2G  96C-K24  96C-K2S  96C-K29  96C-K2Z  96C-K2A  96C-K2F  96C-K25  96C-K2R  96C-K2Q  96C-K26  96C-K2I  96C-K2C  96C-K2T  96C-K28  96C-K21  96C-K27  96C-K2P  96C-K2N 
96C-KMW  96C-KMX  96C-KMH  96C-KME  96C-KMY  96C-KM0  96C-KM2  96C-KMM  96C-KMO  96C-KM3  96C-KMK  96C-KMU  96C-KMB  96C-KMV  96C-KMD  96C-KML  96C-KMJ  96C-KMG  96C-KM4  96C-KMS  96C-KM9  96C-KMZ  96C-KMA  96C-KMF  96C-KM5  96C-KMR  96C-KMQ  96C-KM6  96C-KMI  96C-KMC  96C-KMT  96C-KM8  96C-KM1  96C-KM7  96C-KMP  96C-KMN 
96C-KOW  96C-KOX  96C-KOH  96C-KOE  96C-KOY  96C-KO0  96C-KO2  96C-KOM  96C-KOO  96C-KO3  96C-KOK  96C-KOU  96C-KOB  96C-KOV  96C-KOD  96C-KOL  96C-KOJ  96C-KOG  96C-KO4  96C-KOS  96C-KO9  96C-KOZ  96C-KOA  96C-KOF  96C-KO5  96C-KOR  96C-KOQ  96C-KO6  96C-KOI  96C-KOC  96C-KOT  96C-KO8  96C-KO1  96C-KO7  96C-KOP  96C-KON 
96C-K3W  96C-K3X  96C-K3H  96C-K3E  96C-K3Y  96C-K30  96C-K32  96C-K3M  96C-K3O  96C-K33  96C-K3K  96C-K3U  96C-K3B  96C-K3V  96C-K3D  96C-K3L  96C-K3J  96C-K3G  96C-K34  96C-K3S  96C-K39  96C-K3Z  96C-K3A  96C-K3F  96C-K35  96C-K3R  96C-K3Q  96C-K36  96C-K3I  96C-K3C  96C-K3T  96C-K38  96C-K31  96C-K37  96C-K3P  96C-K3N 
96C-KKW  96C-KKX  96C-KKH  96C-KKE  96C-KKY  96C-KK0  96C-KK2  96C-KKM  96C-KKO  96C-KK3  96C-KKK  96C-KKU  96C-KKB  96C-KKV  96C-KKD  96C-KKL  96C-KKJ  96C-KKG  96C-KK4  96C-KKS  96C-KK9  96C-KKZ  96C-KKA  96C-KKF  96C-KK5  96C-KKR  96C-KKQ  96C-KK6  96C-KKI  96C-KKC  96C-KKT  96C-KK8  96C-KK1  96C-KK7  96C-KKP  96C-KKN 
96C-KUW  96C-KUX  96C-KUH  96C-KUE  96C-KUY  96C-KU0  96C-KU2  96C-KUM  96C-KUO  96C-KU3  96C-KUK  96C-KUU  96C-KUB  96C-KUV  96C-KUD  96C-KUL  96C-KUJ  96C-KUG  96C-KU4  96C-KUS  96C-KU9  96C-KUZ  96C-KUA  96C-KUF  96C-KU5  96C-KUR  96C-KUQ  96C-KU6  96C-KUI  96C-KUC  96C-KUT  96C-KU8  96C-KU1  96C-KU7  96C-KUP  96C-KUN 
96C-KBW  96C-KBX  96C-KBH  96C-KBE  96C-KBY  96C-KB0  96C-KB2  96C-KBM  96C-KBO  96C-KB3  96C-KBK  96C-KBU  96C-KBB  96C-KBV  96C-KBD  96C-KBL  96C-KBJ  96C-KBG  96C-KB4  96C-KBS  96C-KB9  96C-KBZ  96C-KBA  96C-KBF  96C-KB5  96C-KBR  96C-KBQ  96C-KB6  96C-KBI  96C-KBC  96C-KBT  96C-KB8  96C-KB1  96C-KB7  96C-KBP  96C-KBN 
96C-KVW  96C-KVX  96C-KVH  96C-KVE  96C-KVY  96C-KV0  96C-KV2  96C-KVM  96C-KVO  96C-KV3  96C-KVK  96C-KVU  96C-KVB  96C-KVV  96C-KVD  96C-KVL  96C-KVJ  96C-KVG  96C-KV4  96C-KVS  96C-KV9  96C-KVZ  96C-KVA  96C-KVF  96C-KV5  96C-KVR  96C-KVQ  96C-KV6  96C-KVI  96C-KVC  96C-KVT  96C-KV8  96C-KV1  96C-KV7  96C-KVP  96C-KVN 
96C-KDW  96C-KDX  96C-KDH  96C-KDE  96C-KDY  96C-KD0  96C-KD2  96C-KDM  96C-KDO  96C-KD3  96C-KDK  96C-KDU  96C-KDB  96C-KDV  96C-KDD  96C-KDL  96C-KDJ  96C-KDG  96C-KD4  96C-KDS  96C-KD9  96C-KDZ  96C-KDA  96C-KDF  96C-KD5  96C-KDR  96C-KDQ  96C-KD6  96C-KDI  96C-KDC  96C-KDT  96C-KD8  96C-KD1  96C-KD7  96C-KDP  96C-KDN 
96C-KLW  96C-KLX  96C-KLH  96C-KLE  96C-KLY  96C-KL0  96C-KL2  96C-KLM  96C-KLO  96C-KL3  96C-KLK  96C-KLU  96C-KLB  96C-KLV  96C-KLD  96C-KLL  96C-KLJ  96C-KLG  96C-KL4  96C-KLS  96C-KL9  96C-KLZ  96C-KLA  96C-KLF  96C-KL5  96C-KLR  96C-KLQ  96C-KL6  96C-KLI  96C-KLC  96C-KLT  96C-KL8  96C-KL1  96C-KL7  96C-KLP  96C-KLN 
96C-KJW  96C-KJX  96C-KJH  96C-KJE  96C-KJY  96C-KJ0  96C-KJ2  96C-KJM  96C-KJO  96C-KJ3  96C-KJK  96C-KJU  96C-KJB  96C-KJV  96C-KJD  96C-KJL  96C-KJJ  96C-KJG  96C-KJ4  96C-KJS  96C-KJ9  96C-KJZ  96C-KJA  96C-KJF  96C-KJ5  96C-KJR  96C-KJQ  96C-KJ6  96C-KJI  96C-KJC  96C-KJT  96C-KJ8  96C-KJ1  96C-KJ7  96C-KJP  96C-KJN 
96C-KGW  96C-KGX  96C-KGH  96C-KGE  96C-KGY  96C-KG0  96C-KG2  96C-KGM  96C-KGO  96C-KG3  96C-KGK  96C-KGU  96C-KGB  96C-KGV  96C-KGD  96C-KGL  96C-KGJ  96C-KGG  96C-KG4  96C-KGS  96C-KG9  96C-KGZ  96C-KGA  96C-KGF  96C-KG5  96C-KGR  96C-KGQ  96C-KG6  96C-KGI  96C-KGC  96C-KGT  96C-KG8  96C-KG1  96C-KG7  96C-KGP  96C-KGN 
96C-K4W  96C-K4X  96C-K4H  96C-K4E  96C-K4Y  96C-K40  96C-K42  96C-K4M  96C-K4O  96C-K43  96C-K4K  96C-K4U  96C-K4B  96C-K4V  96C-K4D  96C-K4L  96C-K4J  96C-K4G  96C-K44  96C-K4S  96C-K49  96C-K4Z  96C-K4A  96C-K4F  96C-K45  96C-K4R  96C-K4Q  96C-K46  96C-K4I  96C-K4C  96C-K4T  96C-K48  96C-K41  96C-K47  96C-K4P  96C-K4N 
96C-KSW  96C-KSX  96C-KSH  96C-KSE  96C-KSY  96C-KS0  96C-KS2  96C-KSM  96C-KSO  96C-KS3  96C-KSK  96C-KSU  96C-KSB  96C-KSV  96C-KSD  96C-KSL  96C-KSJ  96C-KSG  96C-KS4  96C-KSS  96C-KS9  96C-KSZ  96C-KSA  96C-KSF  96C-KS5  96C-KSR  96C-KSQ  96C-KS6  96C-KSI  96C-KSC  96C-KST  96C-KS8  96C-KS1  96C-KS7  96C-KSP  96C-KSN 
96C-K9W  96C-K9X  96C-K9H  96C-K9E  96C-K9Y  96C-K90  96C-K92  96C-K9M  96C-K9O  96C-K93  96C-K9K  96C-K9U  96C-K9B  96C-K9V  96C-K9D  96C-K9L  96C-K9J  96C-K9G  96C-K94  96C-K9S  96C-K99  96C-K9Z  96C-K9A  96C-K9F  96C-K95  96C-K9R  96C-K9Q  96C-K96  96C-K9I  96C-K9C  96C-K9T  96C-K98  96C-K91  96C-K97  96C-K9P  96C-K9N 
96C-KZW  96C-KZX  96C-KZH  96C-KZE  96C-KZY  96C-KZ0  96C-KZ2  96C-KZM  96C-KZO  96C-KZ3  96C-KZK  96C-KZU  96C-KZB  96C-KZV  96C-KZD  96C-KZL  96C-KZJ  96C-KZG  96C-KZ4  96C-KZS  96C-KZ9  96C-KZZ  96C-KZA  96C-KZF  96C-KZ5  96C-KZR  96C-KZQ  96C-KZ6  96C-KZI  96C-KZC  96C-KZT  96C-KZ8  96C-KZ1  96C-KZ7  96C-KZP  96C-KZN 
96C-KAW  96C-KAX  96C-KAH  96C-KAE  96C-KAY  96C-KA0  96C-KA2  96C-KAM  96C-KAO  96C-KA3  96C-KAK  96C-KAU  96C-KAB  96C-KAV  96C-KAD  96C-KAL  96C-KAJ  96C-KAG  96C-KA4  96C-KAS  96C-KA9  96C-KAZ  96C-KAA  96C-KAF  96C-KA5  96C-KAR  96C-KAQ  96C-KA6  96C-KAI  96C-KAC  96C-KAT  96C-KA8  96C-KA1  96C-KA7  96C-KAP  96C-KAN 
96C-KFW  96C-KFX  96C-KFH  96C-KFE  96C-KFY  96C-KF0  96C-KF2  96C-KFM  96C-KFO  96C-KF3  96C-KFK  96C-KFU  96C-KFB  96C-KFV  96C-KFD  96C-KFL  96C-KFJ  96C-KFG  96C-KF4  96C-KFS  96C-KF9  96C-KFZ  96C-KFA  96C-KFF  96C-KF5  96C-KFR  96C-KFQ  96C-KF6  96C-KFI  96C-KFC  96C-KFT  96C-KF8  96C-KF1  96C-KF7  96C-KFP  96C-KFN 
96C-K5W  96C-K5X  96C-K5H  96C-K5E  96C-K5Y  96C-K50  96C-K52  96C-K5M  96C-K5O  96C-K53  96C-K5K  96C-K5U  96C-K5B  96C-K5V  96C-K5D  96C-K5L  96C-K5J  96C-K5G  96C-K54  96C-K5S  96C-K59  96C-K5Z  96C-K5A  96C-K5F  96C-K55  96C-K5R  96C-K5Q  96C-K56  96C-K5I  96C-K5C  96C-K5T  96C-K58  96C-K51  96C-K57  96C-K5P  96C-K5N 
96C-KRW  96C-KRX  96C-KRH  96C-KRE  96C-KRY  96C-KR0  96C-KR2  96C-KRM  96C-KRO  96C-KR3  96C-KRK  96C-KRU  96C-KRB  96C-KRV  96C-KRD  96C-KRL  96C-KRJ  96C-KRG  96C-KR4  96C-KRS  96C-KR9  96C-KRZ  96C-KRA  96C-KRF  96C-KR5  96C-KRR  96C-KRQ  96C-KR6  96C-KRI  96C-KRC  96C-KRT  96C-KR8  96C-KR1  96C-KR7  96C-KRP  96C-KRN 
96C-KQW  96C-KQX  96C-KQH  96C-KQE  96C-KQY  96C-KQ0  96C-KQ2  96C-KQM  96C-KQO  96C-KQ3  96C-KQK  96C-KQU  96C-KQB  96C-KQV  96C-KQD  96C-KQL  96C-KQJ  96C-KQG  96C-KQ4  96C-KQS  96C-KQ9  96C-KQZ  96C-KQA  96C-KQF  96C-KQ5  96C-KQR  96C-KQQ  96C-KQ6  96C-KQI  96C-KQC  96C-KQT  96C-KQ8  96C-KQ1  96C-KQ7  96C-KQP  96C-KQN 
96C-K6W  96C-K6X  96C-K6H  96C-K6E  96C-K6Y  96C-K60  96C-K62  96C-K6M  96C-K6O  96C-K63  96C-K6K  96C-K6U  96C-K6B  96C-K6V  96C-K6D  96C-K6L  96C-K6J  96C-K6G  96C-K64  96C-K6S  96C-K69  96C-K6Z  96C-K6A  96C-K6F  96C-K65  96C-K6R  96C-K6Q  96C-K66  96C-K6I  96C-K6C  96C-K6T  96C-K68  96C-K61  96C-K67  96C-K6P  96C-K6N 
96C-KIW  96C-KIX  96C-KIH  96C-KIE  96C-KIY  96C-KI0  96C-KI2  96C-KIM  96C-KIO  96C-KI3  96C-KIK  96C-KIU  96C-KIB  96C-KIV  96C-KID  96C-KIL  96C-KIJ  96C-KIG  96C-KI4  96C-KIS  96C-KI9  96C-KIZ  96C-KIA  96C-KIF  96C-KI5  96C-KIR  96C-KIQ  96C-KI6  96C-KII  96C-KIC  96C-KIT  96C-KI8  96C-KI1  96C-KI7  96C-KIP  96C-KIN 
96C-KCW  96C-KCX  96C-KCH  96C-KCE  96C-KCY  96C-KC0  96C-KC2  96C-KCM  96C-KCO  96C-KC3  96C-KCK  96C-KCU  96C-KCB  96C-KCV  96C-KCD  96C-KCL  96C-KCJ  96C-KCG  96C-KC4  96C-KCS  96C-KC9  96C-KCZ  96C-KCA  96C-KCF  96C-KC5  96C-KCR  96C-KCQ  96C-KC6  96C-KCI  96C-KCC  96C-KCT  96C-KC8  96C-KC1  96C-KC7  96C-KCP  96C-KCN 
96C-KTW  96C-KTX  96C-KTH  96C-KTE  96C-KTY  96C-KT0  96C-KT2  96C-KTM  96C-KTO  96C-KT3  96C-KTK  96C-KTU  96C-KTB  96C-KTV  96C-KTD  96C-KTL  96C-KTJ  96C-KTG  96C-KT4  96C-KTS  96C-KT9  96C-KTZ  96C-KTA  96C-KTF  96C-KT5  96C-KTR  96C-KTQ  96C-KT6  96C-KTI  96C-KTC  96C-KTT  96C-KT8  96C-KT1  96C-KT7  96C-KTP  96C-KTN 
96C-K8W  96C-K8X  96C-K8H  96C-K8E  96C-K8Y  96C-K80  96C-K82  96C-K8M  96C-K8O  96C-K83  96C-K8K  96C-K8U  96C-K8B  96C-K8V  96C-K8D  96C-K8L  96C-K8J  96C-K8G  96C-K84  96C-K8S  96C-K89  96C-K8Z  96C-K8A  96C-K8F  96C-K85  96C-K8R  96C-K8Q  96C-K86  96C-K8I  96C-K8C  96C-K8T  96C-K88  96C-K81  96C-K87  96C-K8P  96C-K8N 
96C-K1W  96C-K1X  96C-K1H  96C-K1E  96C-K1Y  96C-K10  96C-K12  96C-K1M  96C-K1O  96C-K13  96C-K1K  96C-K1U  96C-K1B  96C-K1V  96C-K1D  96C-K1L  96C-K1J  96C-K1G  96C-K14  96C-K1S  96C-K19  96C-K1Z  96C-K1A  96C-K1F  96C-K15  96C-K1R  96C-K1Q  96C-K16  96C-K1I  96C-K1C  96C-K1T  96C-K18  96C-K11  96C-K17  96C-K1P  96C-K1N 
96C-K7W  96C-K7X  96C-K7H  96C-K7E  96C-K7Y  96C-K70  96C-K72  96C-K7M  96C-K7O  96C-K73  96C-K7K  96C-K7U  96C-K7B  96C-K7V  96C-K7D  96C-K7L  96C-K7J  96C-K7G  96C-K74  96C-K7S  96C-K79  96C-K7Z  96C-K7A  96C-K7F  96C-K75  96C-K7R  96C-K7Q  96C-K76  96C-K7I  96C-K7C  96C-K7T  96C-K78  96C-K71  96C-K77  96C-K7P  96C-K7N 
96C-KPW  96C-KPX  96C-KPH  96C-KPE  96C-KPY  96C-KP0  96C-KP2  96C-KPM  96C-KPO  96C-KP3  96C-KPK  96C-KPU  96C-KPB  96C-KPV  96C-KPD  96C-KPL  96C-KPJ  96C-KPG  96C-KP4  96C-KPS  96C-KP9  96C-KPZ  96C-KPA  96C-KPF  96C-KP5  96C-KPR  96C-KPQ  96C-KP6  96C-KPI  96C-KPC  96C-KPT  96C-KP8  96C-KP1  96C-KP7  96C-KPP  96C-KPN 
96C-KNW  96C-KNX  96C-KNH  96C-KNE  96C-KNY  96C-KN0  96C-KN2  96C-KNM  96C-KNO  96C-KN3  96C-KNK  96C-KNU  96C-KNB  96C-KNV  96C-KND  96C-KNL  96C-KNJ  96C-KNG  96C-KN4  96C-KNS  96C-KN9  96C-KNZ  96C-KNA  96C-KNF  96C-KN5  96C-KNR  96C-KNQ  96C-KN6  96C-KNI  96C-KNC  96C-KNT  96C-KN8  96C-KN1  96C-KN7  96C-KNP  96C-KNN 


Audi A3 - is a car with Hatchback body configuration. Car components 2.0 FSi Attraction Automatic, characterized 3 door body, with a sitting capacity of 5.


Audi A3 was released in 2008. The engine displacement is 1984 cm3 (cubic centimeters).. Engine is Inline, a number of cylinders is 4. Maximum car power in horsepower is equal to 150 hp. The maximum torque is 200 Nm.


The power unit is at the Front. Paired with the transmission, Automatic, they transfer power to the Front wheel drive, thus allowing to speed the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 9,1 while the maximum speed is 206 km/h.

Fuel consumption:

Fuel type used in the vehicle - Gasoline, the flow rate declared by the manufacturer is: urban (not found) L/100 km, highway mode (not found) L/100 km, combined cycle 6,9 L/100 km. Fuel tank capacity is 55 liters.

Vehicle size class:

Audi A3 car body has the following dimensions: 4220 mm. in length, 1430 mm. in wide, 1770 mm. in height, 2580 mm wheelbase. Vehicle curb weight is 1350 kg.