Specification: 2002 Audi A3 2.0 FSI Attraction

Catalog number (Audi) 96CH.

Catalog code is a 2-7 digit alphanumeric code. Definite car model and its specifications are attached to each code.


Full specifications: 2002 Audi A3 2.0 FSI Attraction

Year 2002 Stroke (mm) 92,8
Fuel type Gasoline Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (s) n/a
Body type Hatchback Top speed: (km/h) 211
Transmission type n/a Doors 3
Engine Position Front Seats 5
Engine type Inline Curb weight (kg) 1275
Traction Front Length (mm) 4210
Displacement (cc) 1984 Height (mm) 1770
Cylinders 4 Width (mm) 1430
Horsepower net (hp) 150 Wheelbase (mm) 2660
Redline (rpm) 6000 Consumption Combined (L/100 km) 6,9
Maximum Power (rpm) 3500 Consumption city (L/100 km) n/a
Torque net (Nm) 201 Consumption highway (L/100 km) n/a
Cylinder Bore (mm) 82,5 Fuel tank (L) n/a
Valves n/a
  • Body: Hatchback
  • Year produced: 2002
  • Capacity (cc): 1984 cc
  • Catalog number: 96CH
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

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96CHSW  96CHSX  96CHSH  96CHSE  96CHSY  96CHS0  96CHS2  96CHSM  96CHSO  96CHS3  96CHSK  96CHSU  96CHSB  96CHSV  96CHSD  96CHSL  96CHSJ  96CHSG  96CHS4  96CHSS  96CHS9  96CHSZ  96CHSA  96CHSF  96CHS5  96CHSR  96CHSQ  96CHS6  96CHSI  96CHSC  96CHST  96CHS8  96CHS1  96CHS7  96CHSP  96CHSN 
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96CH6W  96CH6X  96CH6H  96CH6E  96CH6Y  96CH60  96CH62  96CH6M  96CH6O  96CH63  96CH6K  96CH6U  96CH6B  96CH6V  96CH6D  96CH6L  96CH6J  96CH6G  96CH64  96CH6S  96CH69  96CH6Z  96CH6A  96CH6F  96CH65  96CH6R  96CH6Q  96CH66  96CH6I  96CH6C  96CH6T  96CH68  96CH61  96CH67  96CH6P  96CH6N 
96CHIW  96CHIX  96CHIH  96CHIE  96CHIY  96CHI0  96CHI2  96CHIM  96CHIO  96CHI3  96CHIK  96CHIU  96CHIB  96CHIV  96CHID  96CHIL  96CHIJ  96CHIG  96CHI4  96CHIS  96CHI9  96CHIZ  96CHIA  96CHIF  96CHI5  96CHIR  96CHIQ  96CHI6  96CHII  96CHIC  96CHIT  96CHI8  96CHI1  96CHI7  96CHIP  96CHIN 
96CHCW  96CHCX  96CHCH  96CHCE  96CHCY  96CHC0  96CHC2  96CHCM  96CHCO  96CHC3  96CHCK  96CHCU  96CHCB  96CHCV  96CHCD  96CHCL  96CHCJ  96CHCG  96CHC4  96CHCS  96CHC9  96CHCZ  96CHCA  96CHCF  96CHC5  96CHCR  96CHCQ  96CHC6  96CHCI  96CHCC  96CHCT  96CHC8  96CHC1  96CHC7  96CHCP  96CHCN 
96CHTW  96CHTX  96CHTH  96CHTE  96CHTY  96CHT0  96CHT2  96CHTM  96CHTO  96CHT3  96CHTK  96CHTU  96CHTB  96CHTV  96CHTD  96CHTL  96CHTJ  96CHTG  96CHT4  96CHTS  96CHT9  96CHTZ  96CHTA  96CHTF  96CHT5  96CHTR  96CHTQ  96CHT6  96CHTI  96CHTC  96CHTT  96CHT8  96CHT1  96CHT7  96CHTP  96CHTN 
96CH8W  96CH8X  96CH8H  96CH8E  96CH8Y  96CH80  96CH82  96CH8M  96CH8O  96CH83  96CH8K  96CH8U  96CH8B  96CH8V  96CH8D  96CH8L  96CH8J  96CH8G  96CH84  96CH8S  96CH89  96CH8Z  96CH8A  96CH8F  96CH85  96CH8R  96CH8Q  96CH86  96CH8I  96CH8C  96CH8T  96CH88  96CH81  96CH87  96CH8P  96CH8N 
96CH1W  96CH1X  96CH1H  96CH1E  96CH1Y  96CH10  96CH12  96CH1M  96CH1O  96CH13  96CH1K  96CH1U  96CH1B  96CH1V  96CH1D  96CH1L  96CH1J  96CH1G  96CH14  96CH1S  96CH19  96CH1Z  96CH1A  96CH1F  96CH15  96CH1R  96CH1Q  96CH16  96CH1I  96CH1C  96CH1T  96CH18  96CH11  96CH17  96CH1P  96CH1N 
96CH7W  96CH7X  96CH7H  96CH7E  96CH7Y  96CH70  96CH72  96CH7M  96CH7O  96CH73  96CH7K  96CH7U  96CH7B  96CH7V  96CH7D  96CH7L  96CH7J  96CH7G  96CH74  96CH7S  96CH79  96CH7Z  96CH7A  96CH7F  96CH75  96CH7R  96CH7Q  96CH76  96CH7I  96CH7C  96CH7T  96CH78  96CH71  96CH77  96CH7P  96CH7N 
96CHPW  96CHPX  96CHPH  96CHPE  96CHPY  96CHP0  96CHP2  96CHPM  96CHPO  96CHP3  96CHPK  96CHPU  96CHPB  96CHPV  96CHPD  96CHPL  96CHPJ  96CHPG  96CHP4  96CHPS  96CHP9  96CHPZ  96CHPA  96CHPF  96CHP5  96CHPR  96CHPQ  96CHP6  96CHPI  96CHPC  96CHPT  96CHP8  96CHP1  96CHP7  96CHPP  96CHPN 
96CHNW  96CHNX  96CHNH  96CHNE  96CHNY  96CHN0  96CHN2  96CHNM  96CHNO  96CHN3  96CHNK  96CHNU  96CHNB  96CHNV  96CHND  96CHNL  96CHNJ  96CHNG  96CHN4  96CHNS  96CHN9  96CHNZ  96CHNA  96CHNF  96CHN5  96CHNR  96CHNQ  96CHN6  96CHNI  96CHNC  96CHNT  96CHN8  96CHN1  96CHN7  96CHNP  96CHNN 
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96C HXW  96C HXX  96C HXH  96C HXE  96C HXY  96C HX0  96C HX2  96C HXM  96C HXO  96C HX3  96C HXK  96C HXU  96C HXB  96C HXV  96C HXD  96C HXL  96C HXJ  96C HXG  96C HX4  96C HXS  96C HX9  96C HXZ  96C HXA  96C HXF  96C HX5  96C HXR  96C HXQ  96C HX6  96C HXI  96C HXC  96C HXT  96C HX8  96C HX1  96C HX7  96C HXP  96C HXN 
96C HHW  96C HHX  96C HHH  96C HHE  96C HHY  96C HH0  96C HH2  96C HHM  96C HHO  96C HH3  96C HHK  96C HHU  96C HHB  96C HHV  96C HHD  96C HHL  96C HHJ  96C HHG  96C HH4  96C HHS  96C HH9  96C HHZ  96C HHA  96C HHF  96C HH5  96C HHR  96C HHQ  96C HH6  96C HHI  96C HHC  96C HHT  96C HH8  96C HH1  96C HH7  96C HHP  96C HHN 
96C HEW  96C HEX  96C HEH  96C HEE  96C HEY  96C HE0  96C HE2  96C HEM  96C HEO  96C HE3  96C HEK  96C HEU  96C HEB  96C HEV  96C HED  96C HEL  96C HEJ  96C HEG  96C HE4  96C HES  96C HE9  96C HEZ  96C HEA  96C HEF  96C HE5  96C HER  96C HEQ  96C HE6  96C HEI  96C HEC  96C HET  96C HE8  96C HE1  96C HE7  96C HEP  96C HEN 
96C HYW  96C HYX  96C HYH  96C HYE  96C HYY  96C HY0  96C HY2  96C HYM  96C HYO  96C HY3  96C HYK  96C HYU  96C HYB  96C HYV  96C HYD  96C HYL  96C HYJ  96C HYG  96C HY4  96C HYS  96C HY9  96C HYZ  96C HYA  96C HYF  96C HY5  96C HYR  96C HYQ  96C HY6  96C HYI  96C HYC  96C HYT  96C HY8  96C HY1  96C HY7  96C HYP  96C HYN 
96C H0W  96C H0X  96C H0H  96C H0E  96C H0Y  96C H00  96C H02  96C H0M  96C H0O  96C H03  96C H0K  96C H0U  96C H0B  96C H0V  96C H0D  96C H0L  96C H0J  96C H0G  96C H04  96C H0S  96C H09  96C H0Z  96C H0A  96C H0F  96C H05  96C H0R  96C H0Q  96C H06  96C H0I  96C H0C  96C H0T  96C H08  96C H01  96C H07  96C H0P  96C H0N 
96C H2W  96C H2X  96C H2H  96C H2E  96C H2Y  96C H20  96C H22  96C H2M  96C H2O  96C H23  96C H2K  96C H2U  96C H2B  96C H2V  96C H2D  96C H2L  96C H2J  96C H2G  96C H24  96C H2S  96C H29  96C H2Z  96C H2A  96C H2F  96C H25  96C H2R  96C H2Q  96C H26  96C H2I  96C H2C  96C H2T  96C H28  96C H21  96C H27  96C H2P  96C H2N 
96C HMW  96C HMX  96C HMH  96C HME  96C HMY  96C HM0  96C HM2  96C HMM  96C HMO  96C HM3  96C HMK  96C HMU  96C HMB  96C HMV  96C HMD  96C HML  96C HMJ  96C HMG  96C HM4  96C HMS  96C HM9  96C HMZ  96C HMA  96C HMF  96C HM5  96C HMR  96C HMQ  96C HM6  96C HMI  96C HMC  96C HMT  96C HM8  96C HM1  96C HM7  96C HMP  96C HMN 
96C HOW  96C HOX  96C HOH  96C HOE  96C HOY  96C HO0  96C HO2  96C HOM  96C HOO  96C HO3  96C HOK  96C HOU  96C HOB  96C HOV  96C HOD  96C HOL  96C HOJ  96C HOG  96C HO4  96C HOS  96C HO9  96C HOZ  96C HOA  96C HOF  96C HO5  96C HOR  96C HOQ  96C HO6  96C HOI  96C HOC  96C HOT  96C HO8  96C HO1  96C HO7  96C HOP  96C HON 
96C H3W  96C H3X  96C H3H  96C H3E  96C H3Y  96C H30  96C H32  96C H3M  96C H3O  96C H33  96C H3K  96C H3U  96C H3B  96C H3V  96C H3D  96C H3L  96C H3J  96C H3G  96C H34  96C H3S  96C H39  96C H3Z  96C H3A  96C H3F  96C H35  96C H3R  96C H3Q  96C H36  96C H3I  96C H3C  96C H3T  96C H38  96C H31  96C H37  96C H3P  96C H3N 
96C HKW  96C HKX  96C HKH  96C HKE  96C HKY  96C HK0  96C HK2  96C HKM  96C HKO  96C HK3  96C HKK  96C HKU  96C HKB  96C HKV  96C HKD  96C HKL  96C HKJ  96C HKG  96C HK4  96C HKS  96C HK9  96C HKZ  96C HKA  96C HKF  96C HK5  96C HKR  96C HKQ  96C HK6  96C HKI  96C HKC  96C HKT  96C HK8  96C HK1  96C HK7  96C HKP  96C HKN 
96C HUW  96C HUX  96C HUH  96C HUE  96C HUY  96C HU0  96C HU2  96C HUM  96C HUO  96C HU3  96C HUK  96C HUU  96C HUB  96C HUV  96C HUD  96C HUL  96C HUJ  96C HUG  96C HU4  96C HUS  96C HU9  96C HUZ  96C HUA  96C HUF  96C HU5  96C HUR  96C HUQ  96C HU6  96C HUI  96C HUC  96C HUT  96C HU8  96C HU1  96C HU7  96C HUP  96C HUN 
96C HBW  96C HBX  96C HBH  96C HBE  96C HBY  96C HB0  96C HB2  96C HBM  96C HBO  96C HB3  96C HBK  96C HBU  96C HBB  96C HBV  96C HBD  96C HBL  96C HBJ  96C HBG  96C HB4  96C HBS  96C HB9  96C HBZ  96C HBA  96C HBF  96C HB5  96C HBR  96C HBQ  96C HB6  96C HBI  96C HBC  96C HBT  96C HB8  96C HB1  96C HB7  96C HBP  96C HBN 
96C HVW  96C HVX  96C HVH  96C HVE  96C HVY  96C HV0  96C HV2  96C HVM  96C HVO  96C HV3  96C HVK  96C HVU  96C HVB  96C HVV  96C HVD  96C HVL  96C HVJ  96C HVG  96C HV4  96C HVS  96C HV9  96C HVZ  96C HVA  96C HVF  96C HV5  96C HVR  96C HVQ  96C HV6  96C HVI  96C HVC  96C HVT  96C HV8  96C HV1  96C HV7  96C HVP  96C HVN 
96C HDW  96C HDX  96C HDH  96C HDE  96C HDY  96C HD0  96C HD2  96C HDM  96C HDO  96C HD3  96C HDK  96C HDU  96C HDB  96C HDV  96C HDD  96C HDL  96C HDJ  96C HDG  96C HD4  96C HDS  96C HD9  96C HDZ  96C HDA  96C HDF  96C HD5  96C HDR  96C HDQ  96C HD6  96C HDI  96C HDC  96C HDT  96C HD8  96C HD1  96C HD7  96C HDP  96C HDN 
96C HLW  96C HLX  96C HLH  96C HLE  96C HLY  96C HL0  96C HL2  96C HLM  96C HLO  96C HL3  96C HLK  96C HLU  96C HLB  96C HLV  96C HLD  96C HLL  96C HLJ  96C HLG  96C HL4  96C HLS  96C HL9  96C HLZ  96C HLA  96C HLF  96C HL5  96C HLR  96C HLQ  96C HL6  96C HLI  96C HLC  96C HLT  96C HL8  96C HL1  96C HL7  96C HLP  96C HLN 
96C HJW  96C HJX  96C HJH  96C HJE  96C HJY  96C HJ0  96C HJ2  96C HJM  96C HJO  96C HJ3  96C HJK  96C HJU  96C HJB  96C HJV  96C HJD  96C HJL  96C HJJ  96C HJG  96C HJ4  96C HJS  96C HJ9  96C HJZ  96C HJA  96C HJF  96C HJ5  96C HJR  96C HJQ  96C HJ6  96C HJI  96C HJC  96C HJT  96C HJ8  96C HJ1  96C HJ7  96C HJP  96C HJN 
96C HGW  96C HGX  96C HGH  96C HGE  96C HGY  96C HG0  96C HG2  96C HGM  96C HGO  96C HG3  96C HGK  96C HGU  96C HGB  96C HGV  96C HGD  96C HGL  96C HGJ  96C HGG  96C HG4  96C HGS  96C HG9  96C HGZ  96C HGA  96C HGF  96C HG5  96C HGR  96C HGQ  96C HG6  96C HGI  96C HGC  96C HGT  96C HG8  96C HG1  96C HG7  96C HGP  96C HGN 
96C H4W  96C H4X  96C H4H  96C H4E  96C H4Y  96C H40  96C H42  96C H4M  96C H4O  96C H43  96C H4K  96C H4U  96C H4B  96C H4V  96C H4D  96C H4L  96C H4J  96C H4G  96C H44  96C H4S  96C H49  96C H4Z  96C H4A  96C H4F  96C H45  96C H4R  96C H4Q  96C H46  96C H4I  96C H4C  96C H4T  96C H48  96C H41  96C H47  96C H4P  96C H4N 
96C HSW  96C HSX  96C HSH  96C HSE  96C HSY  96C HS0  96C HS2  96C HSM  96C HSO  96C HS3  96C HSK  96C HSU  96C HSB  96C HSV  96C HSD  96C HSL  96C HSJ  96C HSG  96C HS4  96C HSS  96C HS9  96C HSZ  96C HSA  96C HSF  96C HS5  96C HSR  96C HSQ  96C HS6  96C HSI  96C HSC  96C HST  96C HS8  96C HS1  96C HS7  96C HSP  96C HSN 
96C H9W  96C H9X  96C H9H  96C H9E  96C H9Y  96C H90  96C H92  96C H9M  96C H9O  96C H93  96C H9K  96C H9U  96C H9B  96C H9V  96C H9D  96C H9L  96C H9J  96C H9G  96C H94  96C H9S  96C H99  96C H9Z  96C H9A  96C H9F  96C H95  96C H9R  96C H9Q  96C H96  96C H9I  96C H9C  96C H9T  96C H98  96C H91  96C H97  96C H9P  96C H9N 
96C HZW  96C HZX  96C HZH  96C HZE  96C HZY  96C HZ0  96C HZ2  96C HZM  96C HZO  96C HZ3  96C HZK  96C HZU  96C HZB  96C HZV  96C HZD  96C HZL  96C HZJ  96C HZG  96C HZ4  96C HZS  96C HZ9  96C HZZ  96C HZA  96C HZF  96C HZ5  96C HZR  96C HZQ  96C HZ6  96C HZI  96C HZC  96C HZT  96C HZ8  96C HZ1  96C HZ7  96C HZP  96C HZN 
96C HAW  96C HAX  96C HAH  96C HAE  96C HAY  96C HA0  96C HA2  96C HAM  96C HAO  96C HA3  96C HAK  96C HAU  96C HAB  96C HAV  96C HAD  96C HAL  96C HAJ  96C HAG  96C HA4  96C HAS  96C HA9  96C HAZ  96C HAA  96C HAF  96C HA5  96C HAR  96C HAQ  96C HA6  96C HAI  96C HAC  96C HAT  96C HA8  96C HA1  96C HA7  96C HAP  96C HAN 
96C HFW  96C HFX  96C HFH  96C HFE  96C HFY  96C HF0  96C HF2  96C HFM  96C HFO  96C HF3  96C HFK  96C HFU  96C HFB  96C HFV  96C HFD  96C HFL  96C HFJ  96C HFG  96C HF4  96C HFS  96C HF9  96C HFZ  96C HFA  96C HFF  96C HF5  96C HFR  96C HFQ  96C HF6  96C HFI  96C HFC  96C HFT  96C HF8  96C HF1  96C HF7  96C HFP  96C HFN 
96C H5W  96C H5X  96C H5H  96C H5E  96C H5Y  96C H50  96C H52  96C H5M  96C H5O  96C H53  96C H5K  96C H5U  96C H5B  96C H5V  96C H5D  96C H5L  96C H5J  96C H5G  96C H54  96C H5S  96C H59  96C H5Z  96C H5A  96C H5F  96C H55  96C H5R  96C H5Q  96C H56  96C H5I  96C H5C  96C H5T  96C H58  96C H51  96C H57  96C H5P  96C H5N 
96C HRW  96C HRX  96C HRH  96C HRE  96C HRY  96C HR0  96C HR2  96C HRM  96C HRO  96C HR3  96C HRK  96C HRU  96C HRB  96C HRV  96C HRD  96C HRL  96C HRJ  96C HRG  96C HR4  96C HRS  96C HR9  96C HRZ  96C HRA  96C HRF  96C HR5  96C HRR  96C HRQ  96C HR6  96C HRI  96C HRC  96C HRT  96C HR8  96C HR1  96C HR7  96C HRP  96C HRN 
96C HQW  96C HQX  96C HQH  96C HQE  96C HQY  96C HQ0  96C HQ2  96C HQM  96C HQO  96C HQ3  96C HQK  96C HQU  96C HQB  96C HQV  96C HQD  96C HQL  96C HQJ  96C HQG  96C HQ4  96C HQS  96C HQ9  96C HQZ  96C HQA  96C HQF  96C HQ5  96C HQR  96C HQQ  96C HQ6  96C HQI  96C HQC  96C HQT  96C HQ8  96C HQ1  96C HQ7  96C HQP  96C HQN 
96C H6W  96C H6X  96C H6H  96C H6E  96C H6Y  96C H60  96C H62  96C H6M  96C H6O  96C H63  96C H6K  96C H6U  96C H6B  96C H6V  96C H6D  96C H6L  96C H6J  96C H6G  96C H64  96C H6S  96C H69  96C H6Z  96C H6A  96C H6F  96C H65  96C H6R  96C H6Q  96C H66  96C H6I  96C H6C  96C H6T  96C H68  96C H61  96C H67  96C H6P  96C H6N 
96C HIW  96C HIX  96C HIH  96C HIE  96C HIY  96C HI0  96C HI2  96C HIM  96C HIO  96C HI3  96C HIK  96C HIU  96C HIB  96C HIV  96C HID  96C HIL  96C HIJ  96C HIG  96C HI4  96C HIS  96C HI9  96C HIZ  96C HIA  96C HIF  96C HI5  96C HIR  96C HIQ  96C HI6  96C HII  96C HIC  96C HIT  96C HI8  96C HI1  96C HI7  96C HIP  96C HIN 
96C HCW  96C HCX  96C HCH  96C HCE  96C HCY  96C HC0  96C HC2  96C HCM  96C HCO  96C HC3  96C HCK  96C HCU  96C HCB  96C HCV  96C HCD  96C HCL  96C HCJ  96C HCG  96C HC4  96C HCS  96C HC9  96C HCZ  96C HCA  96C HCF  96C HC5  96C HCR  96C HCQ  96C HC6  96C HCI  96C HCC  96C HCT  96C HC8  96C HC1  96C HC7  96C HCP  96C HCN 
96C HTW  96C HTX  96C HTH  96C HTE  96C HTY  96C HT0  96C HT2  96C HTM  96C HTO  96C HT3  96C HTK  96C HTU  96C HTB  96C HTV  96C HTD  96C HTL  96C HTJ  96C HTG  96C HT4  96C HTS  96C HT9  96C HTZ  96C HTA  96C HTF  96C HT5  96C HTR  96C HTQ  96C HT6  96C HTI  96C HTC  96C HTT  96C HT8  96C HT1  96C HT7  96C HTP  96C HTN 
96C H8W  96C H8X  96C H8H  96C H8E  96C H8Y  96C H80  96C H82  96C H8M  96C H8O  96C H83  96C H8K  96C H8U  96C H8B  96C H8V  96C H8D  96C H8L  96C H8J  96C H8G  96C H84  96C H8S  96C H89  96C H8Z  96C H8A  96C H8F  96C H85  96C H8R  96C H8Q  96C H86  96C H8I  96C H8C  96C H8T  96C H88  96C H81  96C H87  96C H8P  96C H8N 
96C H1W  96C H1X  96C H1H  96C H1E  96C H1Y  96C H10  96C H12  96C H1M  96C H1O  96C H13  96C H1K  96C H1U  96C H1B  96C H1V  96C H1D  96C H1L  96C H1J  96C H1G  96C H14  96C H1S  96C H19  96C H1Z  96C H1A  96C H1F  96C H15  96C H1R  96C H1Q  96C H16  96C H1I  96C H1C  96C H1T  96C H18  96C H11  96C H17  96C H1P  96C H1N 
96C H7W  96C H7X  96C H7H  96C H7E  96C H7Y  96C H70  96C H72  96C H7M  96C H7O  96C H73  96C H7K  96C H7U  96C H7B  96C H7V  96C H7D  96C H7L  96C H7J  96C H7G  96C H74  96C H7S  96C H79  96C H7Z  96C H7A  96C H7F  96C H75  96C H7R  96C H7Q  96C H76  96C H7I  96C H7C  96C H7T  96C H78  96C H71  96C H77  96C H7P  96C H7N 
96C HPW  96C HPX  96C HPH  96C HPE  96C HPY  96C HP0  96C HP2  96C HPM  96C HPO  96C HP3  96C HPK  96C HPU  96C HPB  96C HPV  96C HPD  96C HPL  96C HPJ  96C HPG  96C HP4  96C HPS  96C HP9  96C HPZ  96C HPA  96C HPF  96C HP5  96C HPR  96C HPQ  96C HP6  96C HPI  96C HPC  96C HPT  96C HP8  96C HP1  96C HP7  96C HPP  96C HPN 
96C HNW  96C HNX  96C HNH  96C HNE  96C HNY  96C HN0  96C HN2  96C HNM  96C HNO  96C HN3  96C HNK  96C HNU  96C HNB  96C HNV  96C HND  96C HNL  96C HNJ  96C HNG  96C HN4  96C HNS  96C HN9  96C HNZ  96C HNA  96C HNF  96C HN5  96C HNR  96C HNQ  96C HN6  96C HNI  96C HNC  96C HNT  96C HN8  96C HN1  96C HN7  96C HNP  96C HNN 
96C-HWW  96C-HWX  96C-HWH  96C-HWE  96C-HWY  96C-HW0  96C-HW2  96C-HWM  96C-HWO  96C-HW3  96C-HWK  96C-HWU  96C-HWB  96C-HWV  96C-HWD  96C-HWL  96C-HWJ  96C-HWG  96C-HW4  96C-HWS  96C-HW9  96C-HWZ  96C-HWA  96C-HWF  96C-HW5  96C-HWR  96C-HWQ  96C-HW6  96C-HWI  96C-HWC  96C-HWT  96C-HW8  96C-HW1  96C-HW7  96C-HWP  96C-HWN 
96C-HXW  96C-HXX  96C-HXH  96C-HXE  96C-HXY  96C-HX0  96C-HX2  96C-HXM  96C-HXO  96C-HX3  96C-HXK  96C-HXU  96C-HXB  96C-HXV  96C-HXD  96C-HXL  96C-HXJ  96C-HXG  96C-HX4  96C-HXS  96C-HX9  96C-HXZ  96C-HXA  96C-HXF  96C-HX5  96C-HXR  96C-HXQ  96C-HX6  96C-HXI  96C-HXC  96C-HXT  96C-HX8  96C-HX1  96C-HX7  96C-HXP  96C-HXN 
96C-HHW  96C-HHX  96C-HHH  96C-HHE  96C-HHY  96C-HH0  96C-HH2  96C-HHM  96C-HHO  96C-HH3  96C-HHK  96C-HHU  96C-HHB  96C-HHV  96C-HHD  96C-HHL  96C-HHJ  96C-HHG  96C-HH4  96C-HHS  96C-HH9  96C-HHZ  96C-HHA  96C-HHF  96C-HH5  96C-HHR  96C-HHQ  96C-HH6  96C-HHI  96C-HHC  96C-HHT  96C-HH8  96C-HH1  96C-HH7  96C-HHP  96C-HHN 
96C-HEW  96C-HEX  96C-HEH  96C-HEE  96C-HEY  96C-HE0  96C-HE2  96C-HEM  96C-HEO  96C-HE3  96C-HEK  96C-HEU  96C-HEB  96C-HEV  96C-HED  96C-HEL  96C-HEJ  96C-HEG  96C-HE4  96C-HES  96C-HE9  96C-HEZ  96C-HEA  96C-HEF  96C-HE5  96C-HER  96C-HEQ  96C-HE6  96C-HEI  96C-HEC  96C-HET  96C-HE8  96C-HE1  96C-HE7  96C-HEP  96C-HEN 
96C-HYW  96C-HYX  96C-HYH  96C-HYE  96C-HYY  96C-HY0  96C-HY2  96C-HYM  96C-HYO  96C-HY3  96C-HYK  96C-HYU  96C-HYB  96C-HYV  96C-HYD  96C-HYL  96C-HYJ  96C-HYG  96C-HY4  96C-HYS  96C-HY9  96C-HYZ  96C-HYA  96C-HYF  96C-HY5  96C-HYR  96C-HYQ  96C-HY6  96C-HYI  96C-HYC  96C-HYT  96C-HY8  96C-HY1  96C-HY7  96C-HYP  96C-HYN 
96C-H0W  96C-H0X  96C-H0H  96C-H0E  96C-H0Y  96C-H00  96C-H02  96C-H0M  96C-H0O  96C-H03  96C-H0K  96C-H0U  96C-H0B  96C-H0V  96C-H0D  96C-H0L  96C-H0J  96C-H0G  96C-H04  96C-H0S  96C-H09  96C-H0Z  96C-H0A  96C-H0F  96C-H05  96C-H0R  96C-H0Q  96C-H06  96C-H0I  96C-H0C  96C-H0T  96C-H08  96C-H01  96C-H07  96C-H0P  96C-H0N 
96C-H2W  96C-H2X  96C-H2H  96C-H2E  96C-H2Y  96C-H20  96C-H22  96C-H2M  96C-H2O  96C-H23  96C-H2K  96C-H2U  96C-H2B  96C-H2V  96C-H2D  96C-H2L  96C-H2J  96C-H2G  96C-H24  96C-H2S  96C-H29  96C-H2Z  96C-H2A  96C-H2F  96C-H25  96C-H2R  96C-H2Q  96C-H26  96C-H2I  96C-H2C  96C-H2T  96C-H28  96C-H21  96C-H27  96C-H2P  96C-H2N 
96C-HMW  96C-HMX  96C-HMH  96C-HME  96C-HMY  96C-HM0  96C-HM2  96C-HMM  96C-HMO  96C-HM3  96C-HMK  96C-HMU  96C-HMB  96C-HMV  96C-HMD  96C-HML  96C-HMJ  96C-HMG  96C-HM4  96C-HMS  96C-HM9  96C-HMZ  96C-HMA  96C-HMF  96C-HM5  96C-HMR  96C-HMQ  96C-HM6  96C-HMI  96C-HMC  96C-HMT  96C-HM8  96C-HM1  96C-HM7  96C-HMP  96C-HMN 
96C-HOW  96C-HOX  96C-HOH  96C-HOE  96C-HOY  96C-HO0  96C-HO2  96C-HOM  96C-HOO  96C-HO3  96C-HOK  96C-HOU  96C-HOB  96C-HOV  96C-HOD  96C-HOL  96C-HOJ  96C-HOG  96C-HO4  96C-HOS  96C-HO9  96C-HOZ  96C-HOA  96C-HOF  96C-HO5  96C-HOR  96C-HOQ  96C-HO6  96C-HOI  96C-HOC  96C-HOT  96C-HO8  96C-HO1  96C-HO7  96C-HOP  96C-HON 
96C-H3W  96C-H3X  96C-H3H  96C-H3E  96C-H3Y  96C-H30  96C-H32  96C-H3M  96C-H3O  96C-H33  96C-H3K  96C-H3U  96C-H3B  96C-H3V  96C-H3D  96C-H3L  96C-H3J  96C-H3G  96C-H34  96C-H3S  96C-H39  96C-H3Z  96C-H3A  96C-H3F  96C-H35  96C-H3R  96C-H3Q  96C-H36  96C-H3I  96C-H3C  96C-H3T  96C-H38  96C-H31  96C-H37  96C-H3P  96C-H3N 
96C-HKW  96C-HKX  96C-HKH  96C-HKE  96C-HKY  96C-HK0  96C-HK2  96C-HKM  96C-HKO  96C-HK3  96C-HKK  96C-HKU  96C-HKB  96C-HKV  96C-HKD  96C-HKL  96C-HKJ  96C-HKG  96C-HK4  96C-HKS  96C-HK9  96C-HKZ  96C-HKA  96C-HKF  96C-HK5  96C-HKR  96C-HKQ  96C-HK6  96C-HKI  96C-HKC  96C-HKT  96C-HK8  96C-HK1  96C-HK7  96C-HKP  96C-HKN 
96C-HUW  96C-HUX  96C-HUH  96C-HUE  96C-HUY  96C-HU0  96C-HU2  96C-HUM  96C-HUO  96C-HU3  96C-HUK  96C-HUU  96C-HUB  96C-HUV  96C-HUD  96C-HUL  96C-HUJ  96C-HUG  96C-HU4  96C-HUS  96C-HU9  96C-HUZ  96C-HUA  96C-HUF  96C-HU5  96C-HUR  96C-HUQ  96C-HU6  96C-HUI  96C-HUC  96C-HUT  96C-HU8  96C-HU1  96C-HU7  96C-HUP  96C-HUN 
96C-HBW  96C-HBX  96C-HBH  96C-HBE  96C-HBY  96C-HB0  96C-HB2  96C-HBM  96C-HBO  96C-HB3  96C-HBK  96C-HBU  96C-HBB  96C-HBV  96C-HBD  96C-HBL  96C-HBJ  96C-HBG  96C-HB4  96C-HBS  96C-HB9  96C-HBZ  96C-HBA  96C-HBF  96C-HB5  96C-HBR  96C-HBQ  96C-HB6  96C-HBI  96C-HBC  96C-HBT  96C-HB8  96C-HB1  96C-HB7  96C-HBP  96C-HBN 
96C-HVW  96C-HVX  96C-HVH  96C-HVE  96C-HVY  96C-HV0  96C-HV2  96C-HVM  96C-HVO  96C-HV3  96C-HVK  96C-HVU  96C-HVB  96C-HVV  96C-HVD  96C-HVL  96C-HVJ  96C-HVG  96C-HV4  96C-HVS  96C-HV9  96C-HVZ  96C-HVA  96C-HVF  96C-HV5  96C-HVR  96C-HVQ  96C-HV6  96C-HVI  96C-HVC  96C-HVT  96C-HV8  96C-HV1  96C-HV7  96C-HVP  96C-HVN 
96C-HDW  96C-HDX  96C-HDH  96C-HDE  96C-HDY  96C-HD0  96C-HD2  96C-HDM  96C-HDO  96C-HD3  96C-HDK  96C-HDU  96C-HDB  96C-HDV  96C-HDD  96C-HDL  96C-HDJ  96C-HDG  96C-HD4  96C-HDS  96C-HD9  96C-HDZ  96C-HDA  96C-HDF  96C-HD5  96C-HDR  96C-HDQ  96C-HD6  96C-HDI  96C-HDC  96C-HDT  96C-HD8  96C-HD1  96C-HD7  96C-HDP  96C-HDN 
96C-HLW  96C-HLX  96C-HLH  96C-HLE  96C-HLY  96C-HL0  96C-HL2  96C-HLM  96C-HLO  96C-HL3  96C-HLK  96C-HLU  96C-HLB  96C-HLV  96C-HLD  96C-HLL  96C-HLJ  96C-HLG  96C-HL4  96C-HLS  96C-HL9  96C-HLZ  96C-HLA  96C-HLF  96C-HL5  96C-HLR  96C-HLQ  96C-HL6  96C-HLI  96C-HLC  96C-HLT  96C-HL8  96C-HL1  96C-HL7  96C-HLP  96C-HLN 
96C-HJW  96C-HJX  96C-HJH  96C-HJE  96C-HJY  96C-HJ0  96C-HJ2  96C-HJM  96C-HJO  96C-HJ3  96C-HJK  96C-HJU  96C-HJB  96C-HJV  96C-HJD  96C-HJL  96C-HJJ  96C-HJG  96C-HJ4  96C-HJS  96C-HJ9  96C-HJZ  96C-HJA  96C-HJF  96C-HJ5  96C-HJR  96C-HJQ  96C-HJ6  96C-HJI  96C-HJC  96C-HJT  96C-HJ8  96C-HJ1  96C-HJ7  96C-HJP  96C-HJN 
96C-HGW  96C-HGX  96C-HGH  96C-HGE  96C-HGY  96C-HG0  96C-HG2  96C-HGM  96C-HGO  96C-HG3  96C-HGK  96C-HGU  96C-HGB  96C-HGV  96C-HGD  96C-HGL  96C-HGJ  96C-HGG  96C-HG4  96C-HGS  96C-HG9  96C-HGZ  96C-HGA  96C-HGF  96C-HG5  96C-HGR  96C-HGQ  96C-HG6  96C-HGI  96C-HGC  96C-HGT  96C-HG8  96C-HG1  96C-HG7  96C-HGP  96C-HGN 
96C-H4W  96C-H4X  96C-H4H  96C-H4E  96C-H4Y  96C-H40  96C-H42  96C-H4M  96C-H4O  96C-H43  96C-H4K  96C-H4U  96C-H4B  96C-H4V  96C-H4D  96C-H4L  96C-H4J  96C-H4G  96C-H44  96C-H4S  96C-H49  96C-H4Z  96C-H4A  96C-H4F  96C-H45  96C-H4R  96C-H4Q  96C-H46  96C-H4I  96C-H4C  96C-H4T  96C-H48  96C-H41  96C-H47  96C-H4P  96C-H4N 
96C-HSW  96C-HSX  96C-HSH  96C-HSE  96C-HSY  96C-HS0  96C-HS2  96C-HSM  96C-HSO  96C-HS3  96C-HSK  96C-HSU  96C-HSB  96C-HSV  96C-HSD  96C-HSL  96C-HSJ  96C-HSG  96C-HS4  96C-HSS  96C-HS9  96C-HSZ  96C-HSA  96C-HSF  96C-HS5  96C-HSR  96C-HSQ  96C-HS6  96C-HSI  96C-HSC  96C-HST  96C-HS8  96C-HS1  96C-HS7  96C-HSP  96C-HSN 
96C-H9W  96C-H9X  96C-H9H  96C-H9E  96C-H9Y  96C-H90  96C-H92  96C-H9M  96C-H9O  96C-H93  96C-H9K  96C-H9U  96C-H9B  96C-H9V  96C-H9D  96C-H9L  96C-H9J  96C-H9G  96C-H94  96C-H9S  96C-H99  96C-H9Z  96C-H9A  96C-H9F  96C-H95  96C-H9R  96C-H9Q  96C-H96  96C-H9I  96C-H9C  96C-H9T  96C-H98  96C-H91  96C-H97  96C-H9P  96C-H9N 
96C-HZW  96C-HZX  96C-HZH  96C-HZE  96C-HZY  96C-HZ0  96C-HZ2  96C-HZM  96C-HZO  96C-HZ3  96C-HZK  96C-HZU  96C-HZB  96C-HZV  96C-HZD  96C-HZL  96C-HZJ  96C-HZG  96C-HZ4  96C-HZS  96C-HZ9  96C-HZZ  96C-HZA  96C-HZF  96C-HZ5  96C-HZR  96C-HZQ  96C-HZ6  96C-HZI  96C-HZC  96C-HZT  96C-HZ8  96C-HZ1  96C-HZ7  96C-HZP  96C-HZN 
96C-HAW  96C-HAX  96C-HAH  96C-HAE  96C-HAY  96C-HA0  96C-HA2  96C-HAM  96C-HAO  96C-HA3  96C-HAK  96C-HAU  96C-HAB  96C-HAV  96C-HAD  96C-HAL  96C-HAJ  96C-HAG  96C-HA4  96C-HAS  96C-HA9  96C-HAZ  96C-HAA  96C-HAF  96C-HA5  96C-HAR  96C-HAQ  96C-HA6  96C-HAI  96C-HAC  96C-HAT  96C-HA8  96C-HA1  96C-HA7  96C-HAP  96C-HAN 
96C-HFW  96C-HFX  96C-HFH  96C-HFE  96C-HFY  96C-HF0  96C-HF2  96C-HFM  96C-HFO  96C-HF3  96C-HFK  96C-HFU  96C-HFB  96C-HFV  96C-HFD  96C-HFL  96C-HFJ  96C-HFG  96C-HF4  96C-HFS  96C-HF9  96C-HFZ  96C-HFA  96C-HFF  96C-HF5  96C-HFR  96C-HFQ  96C-HF6  96C-HFI  96C-HFC  96C-HFT  96C-HF8  96C-HF1  96C-HF7  96C-HFP  96C-HFN 
96C-H5W  96C-H5X  96C-H5H  96C-H5E  96C-H5Y  96C-H50  96C-H52  96C-H5M  96C-H5O  96C-H53  96C-H5K  96C-H5U  96C-H5B  96C-H5V  96C-H5D  96C-H5L  96C-H5J  96C-H5G  96C-H54  96C-H5S  96C-H59  96C-H5Z  96C-H5A  96C-H5F  96C-H55  96C-H5R  96C-H5Q  96C-H56  96C-H5I  96C-H5C  96C-H5T  96C-H58  96C-H51  96C-H57  96C-H5P  96C-H5N 
96C-HRW  96C-HRX  96C-HRH  96C-HRE  96C-HRY  96C-HR0  96C-HR2  96C-HRM  96C-HRO  96C-HR3  96C-HRK  96C-HRU  96C-HRB  96C-HRV  96C-HRD  96C-HRL  96C-HRJ  96C-HRG  96C-HR4  96C-HRS  96C-HR9  96C-HRZ  96C-HRA  96C-HRF  96C-HR5  96C-HRR  96C-HRQ  96C-HR6  96C-HRI  96C-HRC  96C-HRT  96C-HR8  96C-HR1  96C-HR7  96C-HRP  96C-HRN 
96C-HQW  96C-HQX  96C-HQH  96C-HQE  96C-HQY  96C-HQ0  96C-HQ2  96C-HQM  96C-HQO  96C-HQ3  96C-HQK  96C-HQU  96C-HQB  96C-HQV  96C-HQD  96C-HQL  96C-HQJ  96C-HQG  96C-HQ4  96C-HQS  96C-HQ9  96C-HQZ  96C-HQA  96C-HQF  96C-HQ5  96C-HQR  96C-HQQ  96C-HQ6  96C-HQI  96C-HQC  96C-HQT  96C-HQ8  96C-HQ1  96C-HQ7  96C-HQP  96C-HQN 
96C-H6W  96C-H6X  96C-H6H  96C-H6E  96C-H6Y  96C-H60  96C-H62  96C-H6M  96C-H6O  96C-H63  96C-H6K  96C-H6U  96C-H6B  96C-H6V  96C-H6D  96C-H6L  96C-H6J  96C-H6G  96C-H64  96C-H6S  96C-H69  96C-H6Z  96C-H6A  96C-H6F  96C-H65  96C-H6R  96C-H6Q  96C-H66  96C-H6I  96C-H6C  96C-H6T  96C-H68  96C-H61  96C-H67  96C-H6P  96C-H6N 
96C-HIW  96C-HIX  96C-HIH  96C-HIE  96C-HIY  96C-HI0  96C-HI2  96C-HIM  96C-HIO  96C-HI3  96C-HIK  96C-HIU  96C-HIB  96C-HIV  96C-HID  96C-HIL  96C-HIJ  96C-HIG  96C-HI4  96C-HIS  96C-HI9  96C-HIZ  96C-HIA  96C-HIF  96C-HI5  96C-HIR  96C-HIQ  96C-HI6  96C-HII  96C-HIC  96C-HIT  96C-HI8  96C-HI1  96C-HI7  96C-HIP  96C-HIN 
96C-HCW  96C-HCX  96C-HCH  96C-HCE  96C-HCY  96C-HC0  96C-HC2  96C-HCM  96C-HCO  96C-HC3  96C-HCK  96C-HCU  96C-HCB  96C-HCV  96C-HCD  96C-HCL  96C-HCJ  96C-HCG  96C-HC4  96C-HCS  96C-HC9  96C-HCZ  96C-HCA  96C-HCF  96C-HC5  96C-HCR  96C-HCQ  96C-HC6  96C-HCI  96C-HCC  96C-HCT  96C-HC8  96C-HC1  96C-HC7  96C-HCP  96C-HCN 
96C-HTW  96C-HTX  96C-HTH  96C-HTE  96C-HTY  96C-HT0  96C-HT2  96C-HTM  96C-HTO  96C-HT3  96C-HTK  96C-HTU  96C-HTB  96C-HTV  96C-HTD  96C-HTL  96C-HTJ  96C-HTG  96C-HT4  96C-HTS  96C-HT9  96C-HTZ  96C-HTA  96C-HTF  96C-HT5  96C-HTR  96C-HTQ  96C-HT6  96C-HTI  96C-HTC  96C-HTT  96C-HT8  96C-HT1  96C-HT7  96C-HTP  96C-HTN 
96C-H8W  96C-H8X  96C-H8H  96C-H8E  96C-H8Y  96C-H80  96C-H82  96C-H8M  96C-H8O  96C-H83  96C-H8K  96C-H8U  96C-H8B  96C-H8V  96C-H8D  96C-H8L  96C-H8J  96C-H8G  96C-H84  96C-H8S  96C-H89  96C-H8Z  96C-H8A  96C-H8F  96C-H85  96C-H8R  96C-H8Q  96C-H86  96C-H8I  96C-H8C  96C-H8T  96C-H88  96C-H81  96C-H87  96C-H8P  96C-H8N 
96C-H1W  96C-H1X  96C-H1H  96C-H1E  96C-H1Y  96C-H10  96C-H12  96C-H1M  96C-H1O  96C-H13  96C-H1K  96C-H1U  96C-H1B  96C-H1V  96C-H1D  96C-H1L  96C-H1J  96C-H1G  96C-H14  96C-H1S  96C-H19  96C-H1Z  96C-H1A  96C-H1F  96C-H15  96C-H1R  96C-H1Q  96C-H16  96C-H1I  96C-H1C  96C-H1T  96C-H18  96C-H11  96C-H17  96C-H1P  96C-H1N 
96C-H7W  96C-H7X  96C-H7H  96C-H7E  96C-H7Y  96C-H70  96C-H72  96C-H7M  96C-H7O  96C-H73  96C-H7K  96C-H7U  96C-H7B  96C-H7V  96C-H7D  96C-H7L  96C-H7J  96C-H7G  96C-H74  96C-H7S  96C-H79  96C-H7Z  96C-H7A  96C-H7F  96C-H75  96C-H7R  96C-H7Q  96C-H76  96C-H7I  96C-H7C  96C-H7T  96C-H78  96C-H71  96C-H77  96C-H7P  96C-H7N 
96C-HPW  96C-HPX  96C-HPH  96C-HPE  96C-HPY  96C-HP0  96C-HP2  96C-HPM  96C-HPO  96C-HP3  96C-HPK  96C-HPU  96C-HPB  96C-HPV  96C-HPD  96C-HPL  96C-HPJ  96C-HPG  96C-HP4  96C-HPS  96C-HP9  96C-HPZ  96C-HPA  96C-HPF  96C-HP5  96C-HPR  96C-HPQ  96C-HP6  96C-HPI  96C-HPC  96C-HPT  96C-HP8  96C-HP1  96C-HP7  96C-HPP  96C-HPN 
96C-HNW  96C-HNX  96C-HNH  96C-HNE  96C-HNY  96C-HN0  96C-HN2  96C-HNM  96C-HNO  96C-HN3  96C-HNK  96C-HNU  96C-HNB  96C-HNV  96C-HND  96C-HNL  96C-HNJ  96C-HNG  96C-HN4  96C-HNS  96C-HN9  96C-HNZ  96C-HNA  96C-HNF  96C-HN5  96C-HNR  96C-HNQ  96C-HN6  96C-HNI  96C-HNC  96C-HNT  96C-HN8  96C-HN1  96C-HN7  96C-HNP  96C-HNN 


Audi A3 - is a car with Hatchback body configuration. Car components 2.0 FSI Attraction, characterized 3 door body, with a sitting capacity of 5.


Audi A3 was released in 2002. The engine displacement is 1984 cm3 (cubic centimeters).. Engine is Inline, a number of cylinders is 4. Maximum car power in horsepower is equal to 150 hp. The maximum torque is 201 Nm.


The power unit is at the Front. Paired with the transmission, (not found), they transfer power to the Front wheel drive, thus allowing to speed the car from 0 to 100 km/h in (not found) while the maximum speed is 211 km/h.

Fuel consumption:

Fuel type used in the vehicle - Gasoline, the flow rate declared by the manufacturer is: urban (not found) L/100 km, highway mode (not found) L/100 km, combined cycle 6,9 L/100 km. Fuel tank capacity is (not found) liters.

Vehicle size class:

Audi A3 car body has the following dimensions: 4210 mm. in length, 1430 mm. in wide, 1770 mm. in height, 2660 mm wheelbase. Vehicle curb weight is 1275 kg.